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Pennine Pack / Pennine Pack - Northern Ireland

Packaging compliance made easy

Here to help businesses understand and comply with packaging legislation, Pennine-Pack was one of the UK’s very first packaging compliance schemes back in 1998. Today, we’re the chosen partner for more than 100 different businesses all over the UK, including Northern Ireland.

From small firms which only just exceed the threshold for compliance through to big brands you’ve definitely heard of, our mission is always the same: to make compliance easy. For some clients that means telephone support whenever they need information or advice. For others, it means a having a team they can count on to take away their sales figures and do the rest for them. For us, it’s all part of the Pennine-Pack service.

Thanks for helping me organize my data and complete my return on time.
Sovereign Partners Ltd
I only look at the declaration when its due and generally (always!) need help in its completion. I find that the advice and guidance I receive from Pennine - Pack in completing the declaration is invaluable. John was fantastic though the entire process and the journey of Kingfisher Lighting in becoming legally compliant. Communication was always open and two way and the level and content of response was easy to understand and make sense of what can sometime appear to be a data nightmare!!
Ian LloydKingfisher Lighting

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Ethical Compliance

Go even greener

When it comes to making your environmental credentials even greener, Ethical Compliance is the scheme that can help. It safeguards UK workers and businesses too – one more reason for you to feel good.

The only scheme of its kind in the UK, Ethical Compliance sources Packaging Recovery Notes (PRNs) only from the UK recycling industry. This means that the recycling of your share of waste packaging is done right here in the UK, and that means a smaller carbon footprint. If you have ISO 9001 or ISO 14001 this shows active involvement with your supply chain. It also makes sure that the people who actually carry out the recycling are UK employees, properly protected by UK employment rights. In short, it’s good for the planet, good for your conscience, and good for your commercial reputation too.

When you choose the Ethical Compliance scheme, you’re playing an important part in:

  • Reducing the amount of packaging shipped overseas for recycling, which in turn reduces fuel costs and carbon emissions.
  • Promoting UK recycling and safeguarding UK jobs
  • Helping to protect the environment
  • Minimising your scope 3 carbon emissions
  • Contributing to the overall stability of the cost of PRNs.

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