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Pennine-Pack runners up in Guardian Sustainable Business Awards 2016

Press Release 27 May 2016

Pennine Pack are delighted to have been awarded runner up in the Supply Chain category in the Guardian Sustainable Business Awards 2016. TheYorkshire based company was chosen for its approach in offering customers a low carbon option whilst actively supporting the UK recycling industry.

John Mooney, Director of Pennine Pack, commented that “we are not only thrilled and extremely honoured to have been runner up in this award, but are also slightly surprised due to scale of some of the other organisations.” He went onto say “we’re a micro business based in Hebden Bridge and set out through Ethical Compliance to implement small changes in the way we could reduce our environmental impact. It is not beyond the realms of possibility that every business can find at least one similar opportunity to reduce their carbon impact.”

The Ethical Compliance packaging compliance scheme is committed to sourcing all PRNs (recycling certificates) from British recyclers. This reduces the impact of the supply chain for our customers by reducing CO2 from transport, and ensures best practice employment conditions. By encouraging UK recycling, as opposed to exporting packaging waste, Pennine Pack hope to give their customers a more predictable and stable cost base, as well as doing the right thing for the environment.

When organisations are faced with dealing with packaging, and other, forms of waste, it’s often the easier and cheaper to send it overseas. However, the Ethical Compliance scheme encourages demand for PRN’s from UK recyclers thereby making them more competitive. John added ‘It is only by increasing awareness of the options available and supporting the UK recycling industry that demand will increase, costs and carbon footprint to end of life will reduce, and therefore businesses will do the right thing’

About Pennine Pack

Pennine Pack Ltd operates the ‘Ethical Compliance’ packaging compliance scheme and is committed to provide a more responsible packaging compliance to its members by sourcing all PRNs (Recycling certificates known as packaging recovery notes) from British recyclers. This promotes British recycling, ensures that those employed to recycle our share of packaging waste enjoy satisfactory standards of employment, and minimises the ‘Carbon Footprint’ of recycling because the waste does not need to be transported long distances to be recycled. Pennine Pack has been operating packaging compliance schemes since 1997.

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