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Amendments to packaging regulations published February 2016

Changes to the packaging regulations passed through parliament on 23rd February 2016. The main changes are:

  • removal and replacement of regulations relating to the approval of schemes,
  • passing responsibility for approval of schemes from DEFRA to the relevant agency, including NI,
  • a new regulation permitting authority to sign for an approved person to someone else.

We are keeping a close eye on this last point as the published regulations are not what the Environment Agency were expecting. We will update you on changes / clarifications as they are published.

Stop Press – 2016 Budget Update
The 2016 budget includes a note of new packaging targets as follows:
2.182 Packaging recycling targets – The government will legislate later in 2016 to reduce statutory plastic packaging recycling targets for 2016 and 2017, to reduce the burden on business. The government will also set new recycling targets for glass and plastic packaging for 2018, 2019 and 2020. For plastic, the existing target will be reduced to 49% for 2016 and then increased by 2% each year to 2020, to 57%. For glass, the existing target of 77% will be maintained until 2017 and then increased by 1% each year to 2020, to 80%. (59)

Update May 2016.

Since the budget, DEFRA have announced a review / update to consolidate the changes to the packaging regulations since 2007. Until this happens and the new regulations are published, the EA is accepting the changes announced in the budget as if they were actual regulations.

This link gives you a summary of the changes that we have seen over the last 12 months.

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